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Respondent is an individual who has been reported to be the perpetrator of conduct that could constitute sexual harassment. If you are contacted by the Title IX Coordinator, it’s important to keep in mind that action is not being taken at that time, but rather they would like to meet with you to follow-up on a notification or report that requires further investigation. When you meet with the Title IX Coordinator you will not be required to provide a response or any information that day, but will instead be given time to prepare and submit your response to the report at a later date. If you have been accused of sex discrimination, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, or other gender-based harassment, the following information may be useful.

Respondent Rights

  • To participate in a Title IX Investigation Process that is conducted in a prompt, fair, reliable, and equitable manner, consistent with Academy policies.
  • To have the Investigation Process conducted by officials who do not have a conflict of interest or bias for or against the parties and who receive annual training on the issues of sexual misconduct.
  • To be treated with respect by all campus officials.
  • To access the campus support resources, unless banned from campus or temporarily suspended pending the completion of the Investigation Process.
  • To be informed of the availability of interim safety measures such as issuing a no-contact directive or changing academic schedules to separate the parties involved.
  • To have an advisor of their choice attend all related meetings throughout the Investigation Process in cases involving allegations of sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking.
  • To receive timely notice of all related meetings to attend.
  • To have made available, upon request, any information or evidence that will be used during any related meeting prior to attending that meeting.
  • To receive periodic updates at reasonable intervals regarding the status of the Investigation and cause(s) for delay.
  • To have the Investigation Process resolved by a preponderance of the evidence standard (whether it is more likely than not that the RACE campus safety policy was violated).
  • To receive notice of the outcome of the Investigation in writing (including the rationale for the outcome).
  • To receive notice of the discipline imposed by the outcome (including the rationale for any disciplinary sanction).
  • To have the process and timeline for requesting an appeal of the outcome and/or disciplinary sanctions explained.
  • To participate in an appeal of the Investigation’s findings and/or of the discipline imposed.
  • To have an appeal conducted in a manner consistent with the processes outlined in university’s policy.
  • To be free from retaliation or intimidation for participating in the Investigation Process.